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Drabble: In the End (Pt. 2)
Fandom: The Mortal Instruments
Pairing: Magnus/Alec, Alec/others
Prompt: It took a little while, a lot of booze and a lot more faceless one night stands, but Alec finally got over Magnus. And then, one night he got turned into a vampire against his will. And then they met after 200 years of not seeing each other. And they fell in love with each other all over again.

75 years after COLS…

Magnus stood outside the old New York Institute with his hands stuffed deep in his pockets, a frown on his lips. After the war the Institute had been abandoned, the damage caused by the attacks deemed too much to fix. The Shadowhunters that had lived there had moved on or back to Idris. With a sigh Magnus headed into the empty building.

Pigeons flew from the rafter’s overhead, causing the beams of sunlight coming through the holes in the ceiling to scatter for a moment. Dust fell and floated down through the air. Magnus looked around, sadness filling his body. This building used to contain such happiness…power…life. Now, only the sounds of the outside world echoed off the walls that still stood.

The stairs creaked as he climbed them. Even after all these years he clearly remembered how to get to the one room he had secretly spent the most time in. Magnus stood in the doorway of what had been Alec’s bedroom for what seemed like hours. He was surprised by the amount of items that had been left scattered about the room…and by the fact that the room was scattered to begin with. Alec has always been very neat.

Stepping inside the room Magnus had to move to the side quickly as part of the floor gave way. He stared down at the hole for a moment before shaking his head. Even though it had been 75 years since their relationship had ended Magnus could still see Alec at 17 when he closed his eyes. The unique scent that Alec had carried clung to the room and if he closed his eyes right now… it was almost like Alec was there again.

But, that was impossible. Even if Alec were still alive, which Magnus doubted, he would be in his nineties and most likely confined to a chair of some sort. That beautiful, black hair would have gone grey or maybe even white with age; his taunt skin would have wrinkled and probably would have developed a liver spot or twenty. One thing that wouldn’t have changed would have been those eyes. Magnus was sure that those stunningly blue eyes would have remained clear and bright with intelligence.

A small, worn book lying on the bedside table caught Magnus’ eye. Walking over he picked it up and turned it over a couple of times. This little book gave Magnus a sense of foreboding, even though he could tell there was nothing magical about it. He stuck the book in his pocket, unable to open it just then. Magnus wandered about the room for a while longer, in the end he left feeling as empty as when he had entered the building.

Magnus never noticed the sharp, blue eyes watching him from the rafters.

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Absolutely LOVE this second chapter!!

OH MY GOSSHHH. off to the next chappie~

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